Country Haven Farm LLC

$ 28.00

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY  - Currently accepting orders for **MAY 2024**


Beautiful started pullets to add beautiful eggs to your egg basket 

Premium breeds roughly 8-13 weeks old

 Pullet orders are non-refundable unless we are unable to fill your order. Any cancelations would result in account credit :)

          ***OFFERED AS A VARIETY*** 

*Breed requests can be made in notes at checkout but we make  NO guarantees as to what you will receive, we do our best!




Can be any of the following or similar breeds...

Marans - Multiple Colors

Brahmas - Multiple Colors

Easter/Olive Eggers

Orpingtons - Multiple Colors

Cochins - Multiple Colors

Salmon Faverolles

Legbars - Multiple Colors 


Legbars - Multiple Colors 


Wyandottes - Multiple Colors

Ameraucanas - Multiple Colors 

Fibro Olive/Easter Eggers


****No beak trimming here!****


Non-vaccinated as we are not comfortable with the manner in which the Mareks vaccine works. Our flocks are however tested every six months for Pullorum, Avian Leukosis, Avian Influenza, and Mareks.


Cardington Ohio. NPIP Certified and AI clean tested flocks.

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