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$ 17.94

DEATHLAYER  (Westfalische Totleger) hatching eggs shipped fresh from our NPIP certified flock in Ohio. 
Beautiful, vigorous flock.  We have been faithfully culling for hardiness and excellent health. You won't be disappointed with these stunning birds. Extremely low report of defects, great color, excellent body type. Fertility has also been excellent. 


**Due to high demand there could be a wait of up to six weeks for Deathlayer eggs**


We cannot guarantee how our egg(s) will be treated while they’re in transit through the postal system nor can we guarantee delivery within a specified time after we ship the eggs. Extreme temperatures, low air pressure in airplanes, rough handling, delays in transit and delivery, and X-ray machines can all affect the hatch-ability of eggs... But we do label boxes with florescent stickers stating their live contents on hopes of better care. We also cannot control the conditions under which you incubate the eggs. FOR THESE REASONS WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE HATCH-ABILITY OF THE EGGS WE SELL. Please leave feedback at the time you receive the eggs, not after you’ve incubated them. Please do not leave negative feedback if your eggs don’t hatch or if they were delayed in transit. Again, if you cannot accept these terms please do not purchase

We do however guarantee that you will receive at least what you pay for in unbroken hatching eggs.

Our fertility and hatch rates are extremely good with this breed. 

Happy Hatching!


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